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September  09, 2006 at Igor's Residence
Igor waits patiently for the tribe. This year's early birds got a prize from DJ.  "Let the fun and the eating begin!"

#@&$#@  Maanghang ang saukan! Oops! May natinga pa!

Galit-galit muna sila!

Lina is this 6th conference's first timer. Lilly came in later as a returning champion.

Igor clowning around. Sobrang happy talaga!

Ade won the prize for the best 70's attire. Si Tessie hindi nakayanan na isuot ang kanyang costume kaya natalo.

Rest muna konti, text sa mga strrict na parents at konting pa-cute sa camera.

Halakhak, tawa at tsibog, it was truly a sinful day!

DJ once again delighted the troops with his singing and guitar prowess. Pati si Al hindi nakatiis.

Si Pinnie naman eh mapungay na ang mata dahil sa honey wine. DJ feeding his cancer cells!

DJ won the prize for the best male 70's attire... comnplete with bell bottoms and red Chuck Taylor rubber shoes. Pati si Ed retro na rin.

 Seafoods, kakanin, fruits and pasta overdose. Mahaba-habang jogging na naman ito till Christmas.

SPO-10 Pingol and three rebel returnees. Outnumbered ng bebots ang mga kelots.

This year's conference attendees. Not in picture is Lina, Chang and Ade. They left early. A record breaking day indeed!

And so with their booty bags in hand, they went home to come back again next year. All my thanks for coming!